about chrislozano

originally from the Chicago area, chrislozano believes in meaningful concepts that inspire not only the clients design expectations, but the expectations of anyone that steps into a space.  the comfort of others is imperatively important and always considers this aspect when she designs.  she understands challenges within the industry and is fully committed to see a successful end result.   her appreciation for collaborating old with new and appropiately vibrant colors has guided and continued her passion for interior design. 

chrislozano has graduated as one of the top students of her interior design class at CIDA accredited indiana university with a B.S.  she has learned her guiding principles of being a professional designer as well as acquiring a minor in psychology and fine arts.   her international travels to the Philippines, South Korea, London, Netherlands, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome have bolstered her ability to understand different types of design and construction as well as facing adversities and coping with unexpected changeschrislozano is willing to provide a positive change for the clients desires of comfort with a great concept. 

 i would like to thank you for viewing my portfolio.  i love everything about design and i hope you enjoy what i have to offer!